Pass the Can at Homecoming Game

December 14, 2016

This has been an exciting season for USC football. From losing 3 games, we turned it around and had an 8 game winning streak that propelled us into the Rose Bowl game, held on January 2nd at 2pm in Pasadena. While USC football student tickets can be obtained from other students who don’t go to games, it’s not always easy or totally inexpensive.

Thus, I love going to the Alumni Homecoming game in November through Pass the Can. Pass the Can is a volunteer activity to raise money to send middle and high school students  to summer camp for a week. These kids, often from low-income areas, have never had the chance to go to camp and they compete for a spot through a rigorous application process. The camp counselors are USC students who are part of the oldest, entirely student run organization on campus, Troy Camp, which organizes the event. Troy Camp is amazing and Pass the Can makes it so easy to help them in a small way.

All I have to do as a volunteer is:

  1. Sign up online a few weeks before the game
  2. Sign in early on the day of the game on Trousdale (main “road” on campus) and get my free ticket to the game.
  3. Go to the game. About 10 minutes before halftime, I leave my seat and get instructions from Troy Camp students
  4. My partner and I take a milk jug and when halftime begins, pass it down the rows of the Coliseum that are assigned to me. Due to the ad on the big screen and from past experience, most people know what it’s for and will start donating money.
  5. Once my partner and I get through all the rows we return the jug
  6. I receive a free t-shirt and a Yogurtland coupon in return. Troy Camp makes upwards of $15,000 from this volunteer event to fund their programs.

The only downside is that the ticket is for general section seating, not student section. However, it’s completely FREE unlike student tickets and the seats are so close to the student section you can feel the energy anyway. Look out for Pass the Can next year and watch USC in the Rose Bowl this year!

Published on December 14th, 2016

Last updated on August 29th, 2017