Facebook – Women In Infrastructure event

July 25, 2017

Posted: March 1, 2017, 10:24pm

On 1st March 2017, Facebook had the second of a series of four outreach events, connecting and giving out info on Women in Infrastructure. It was targeted at CS, CE and EE graduate students looking to learn more about the career opportunities in Facebook’s infrastructure organization. It was amazing to meet women who had a strong technical background and are currently working at higher leadership positions.

The event started with a Bingo and we all got to know each other better. This was followed by a panel discussion. The answers to the questions asked were pretty insightful and everybody could relate to them. Starting from what they studied and how did they eventually end up there, to the challenges that women encounter in a male dominated workplace and how Facebook’s policies encourage diversity inclusion, to how to improve our current standing; I got concrete answers to several questions that I had in my head. This was followed by an open Q/A where we were given a chance to ask questions. They told us about their own experiences and how they tackled all the issues/conflicts whenever there were any.
We got some amazing dinner and surprise ice cream sandwiches midway. This was followed by a one-on-one networking session where we took our queries to a more personal level.

Overall, it was a great event as the panelists were just amazing. It’s inspiring to meet and learn from the experiences of women of such a strong character. The best takeaway for me was to learn that we never know where we end up 10 years from now. So it’s essential we fuel up our current interests with better research and projects as in the end, it all contributes to taking us where we are destined to. And that brought us to the end of an amazing event. But. Facebook never ceases to care and we were given out blankets to stay cozy in this cold weather. They indeed stayed true to the swag they promised.


Published on July 25th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017