The Trojan Family: USC’s Alumni Associations, Communities, and Networks

January 22, 2020

Ever thought about how to remain connected to USC after graduating? As I approach the end of my time here, I have been contemplating how best to give back to the Trojan Family and stay involved. As a student, I have benefitted from the USC Alumni Association through various types of support: scholarships, events, mentorship, and more. From my interactions with the entire organization, I slowly realized that there were many branches and communities within the overarching umbrella. Here, I’ll list some of the networks that you can join as a USC alumnus!

Affinity Programs: Affinity programs bring together alumni and friends with common interests, experiences, and backgrounds. They include the Alumnae (Women’s) Groups, the Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA), the Black Alumni Association (BAA), the Lambda LGBT Alumni Association (Lambda), the Latino Alumni Association (LAA), and the Alumni Veterans Network.

Age-Based Programs: Another option is to join an association based on age. No matter how old you are, there is a generational alumni group for you to join! For recent graduates, there is the Young Alumni Council. For older Trojans, there is the Second Decade Society, the Encore Trojans, and the Half Century Trojans.

Regional Groups: If you will be moving away from Los Angeles, there are 35+ clubs across the US and dozens more abroad that host USC-sponsored activities, raise money for scholarships, and plan activities that bring local Trojans together.

School-Based Groups: If you’re more inclined to stay connected to your home school, there are also school-based alumni groups that are focused more on professional development and mentorship of current students.

Alumni Networks: Last but not least, there are also career-based networks that facilitate Trojans breaking down barriers for other Trojans based on shared interests and industries. If you’re hungry for resources and ideas from more experienced Trojans, you can join the Entrepreneurs, Real Estate, Trojan Entertainment, Education, or Veterans Networks.

Almost all of these alumni groups are free to participate in and have little to no requirements to sign up. Even if you’re still in school, you can start attending events to get a feel for which network(s) you most prefer! And remember, you can always join more than one!!

Fight On, and stay connected.

Published on January 22nd, 2020

Last updated on January 22nd, 2020