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Jae Young Bang

Adjunct Lecturer of Computer Science


  • Doctoral Degree, Computer Science, University of Southern California
  • Master's Degree, Computer Science, University of Southern California


Dr. Jae Young Bang is a computer scientist with over a decade of experience in software engineering. His background includes academic research in software architecture, leading‑edge software development practice, and serving as a testifying expert in software-related litigation, including patent/copyright infringement and breach-of-contract matters.

He currently holds the title of Senior Computer Scientist and Director of Software Development at Quandary Peak Research, a software analysis company headquartered in Los Angeles. As a Senior Computer Scientist, he performs software analysis on behalf of clients. He has reverse-engineered and analyzed the hardware and software designs of a broad variety of complex, real-world systems. He has conducted many investigations of the design and implementation of these systems for various companies concerning copyright infringement claims and other intellectual property considerations, such as patent infringement and trade secret theft. As the Director of Software Development, he leads Quandary Peak Research's internal software research and development to advance technologies in software source code analysis, quality evaluation, design comparison, reverse engineering, cost estimation, and failure investigation.

He also teaches software engineering classes at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The current and past classes include the graduate-level Software Architectures class at USC and the undergraduate-level Software Design: Structure and Implementation class at UCI.

Research Summary

Within the broad field of computer science, Dr. Bang's specific areas of expertise encompass software engineering, distributed systems, software architecture, software analysis, computer programming, mobile device software, and Internet software. He has direct experience building and analyzing software applications and Internet services.

  • PHE 206
  • Charles Lee Powell Hall
  • 3737 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089
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