Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

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September 1

December 15


The use of advanced manufacturing technologies is key to keeping U.S. manufacturers competitive in the global marketplace and is also critical from a national security perspective. These technologies can enhance the productivity and performance of human workers, and in turn can create more manufacturing jobs.

As these new manufacturing technologies are deployed, a large number of workers may find themselves with obsolete skills, and companies may be unable to find workers with these new skills. It is vital to have manufacturing programs that incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies to close this skills gap.

In the Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering program, students are prepared to work in the manufacturing industry by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to design and operate modern factories. The program includes courses that introduce the latest technologies and also provide project-based learning opportunities to utilize these technologies in the context of industry case studies.  

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Published on July 11th, 2024

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