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Allen Bolourchi

Part Time Lecturer of Information Technology Program


  • 2021, Master's Degree, MBA in Tech/AI and Finance, University of California Los Angeles -Management School
  • 2014, Doctoral Degree, Engineering - Artificial Intelligence with use cases in dynamical, mechanical and biological systems from CEE, University of Southern California
  • 2011, Master's Degree, Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California


Allen Bolourchi is an adjunct professor of Generative AI and Natural Language Processing at USC ITP. He is also CEO and founder of, building AI and Gen AI products and solutions in various industries. Please see topics covered in the Generative AI and NLP course here

Allen has served as the Global AI/ML Technical Product and Program Manager for Apple's App Store, spearheading the company's Artificial Intelligence initiatives worldwide. With a strong business acumen, Allen has led organization-wide teams to strategize, develop, deploy, and monitor omnichannel Machine Learning models on both device and server for the Apple App Store, email, push notifications, and other channels, all while adhering to privacy-friendly practices. Additionally, Allen played a key role as the legal lead and counsel advisor for App Store ML and Data usage, ensuring that marketing practices are privacy-friendly and in compliance with competition, compliance, and product legal guidelines, as well as GDPR and PIPL.

Allen brings a wealth of experience, with 15 years of expertise in building enterprise-wide platforms and frameworks, defining strategies, and managing the delivery of AI/ML and digital products, data, engineering, and business solutions for organizations ranging from trillion-dollar enterprises to startups and AI research. He holds a PhD in engineering with a focus on AI/ML with use cases on regression for medical diagnosis of injured human spine, complex dynamical systems and structures from USC, an MS in Electrical Engineering from USC, and an MBA in Tech/AI and Finance from UCLA. Additionally, Allen has contributed to the field as a research machine learning scientist at Caltech, conducting research on Bayesian theorem and AIC/BIC.

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