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As a preferred education provider for The Boeing Company, employees have the ability to pursue over 40 graduate programs in engineering entirely online through the USC Viterbi School's DEN@Viterbi delivery system. Additionally, Executive Education Programs offers a variety of continuing education offerings for professionals looking to advance their skills and knowledge in specific programs of interest.

A majority of USC Viterbi School of Engineering degree programs fall under The Boeing Company’s Strategic Fields of Study. To explore the available degrees, please visit our Master's Programs section of the website.

MS in Systems Architecting & Engineering

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Boeing Voucher/Tuition Program

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Boeing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Boeing Voucher/Tuition Program

To arrange payment by Boeing directly to USC please follow these steps:

1. Complete the application on Boeing LTP site (Boeing intranet).

2. When you receive the voucher, please email it to or Fax: 213-740-0835.

MS in Systems Architecting and Engineering

MS in Systems Architecting & Engineering (MSSARE) - The Basics

Program Goals

This program is designed to provide graduate engineers and engineering managers with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary for the conception and implementation of complex systems. The emphasis is on the processes by which complex systems are conceived, planned, designed, built, tested, and certified. The systems engineering experience can be applied to defense, space, aircraft, communications, navigation, sensor, computer software, computer hardware, transportation, and other aerospace and commercial systems and activities.

Engineers with a firm grounding in an engineering discipline and work experience will learn tools and approaches for confident decision making in the complex technical environment of today’s corporations. Instructors with exceptional academic, professional, and industrial credentials teach within the program.

For a full overview of the MS in Systems Architecting & Engineering, including application instructions and course requirements.

How It Works

A Master of Science degree program consisting of 30 units and a Graduate Certificate program consisting of 15 units are offered. The Graduate Certificate program may be followed by 15 additional units to complete the MS degree program (program of study to be approved by department advisor).

Students must enroll at USC and must satisfy the university’s admission requirements. Enrollment may be either full-time or part-time. Students may transfer one course (up to four units) from the other university for the Master's program, with departmental approval. Please note that the transfer of courses from other institutions is not permitted in the Viterbi School certificate program.

Most core courses are scheduled in the late afternoon or evening hours. Courses are delivered live from USC via the Internet and are also archived for the entire semester, allowing students a chance to review complete lectures or prepare for exams. Homework and class notes are transmitted through Desire2Learn, a course management system, and email. Homework and class notes are transmitted via the student portal and e-mail, and exams are proctored at a local testing center. Boeing students near the USC campus can choose to take courses on campus.

This program is provided in addition to other programs available from the university. A full overview of all programs available via DEN@Viterbi can be found here.


  • Student enrolls at USC or begins classes as a Limited Student
  • Student enrolls in a combination of required, elective, and specialization track courses
  • No comprehensive exam
  • Degree awarded on the basis of grades
  • Certificate program (15 units) can be expanded to become an MS program (30 units)
  • USC Program Director and advisors approve student's course of study

Waiving the GRE Requirement (only applies to the MSSARE)
There are two ways to waive the GRE admissions requirement for the MS in Systems Architecting and Engineering program. They are:

  1. Having an undergraduate degree in engineering with an overall GPA of 3.0 (or higher) on a 4.0 scale, plus either an MS in Engineering or an MBA degree
  2. As a Limited Status student or Systems Architecting & Engineering Graduate Certificate student, completing SAE 541, SAE 542, and SAE 549; and either SAE 560 (preferred) or ISE 460. A grade of "B" or better must be earned in each course in order to qualify for the waiver. Limited students can take a maximum of 12 units and must take the listed 4 courses to waive the GRE admissions requirement.

Boeing FAQs

USC Contact Info

Boeing employees are encouraged to contact Corporate & Professional Programs with any questions regarding The Boeing Company partnership, programs of interest, or general information:


Phone: 213.740.4488

Current students can find information related to advisement, registration and student resources, by visiting our Current Student section.

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Published on July 14th, 2017

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