General Motors – Technical Education Program

USC Systems Architecting & Engineering

USC Viterbi School of Engineering, in partnership with GM Technical Education Program (TEP), has highlighted the following courses in Systems Architecting and Engineering for GM employees. These courses are part of TEPs mission to enable GM to keep its engineering community technically current and on the leading edge of innovative knowledge to compete in a growing, global market. All courses are available online via DEN@Viterbi.

USC Systems Architecting & Engineering Schedule & Sequence:

SAE 549: Systems Architecting (First Cohort Summer 2017)
SAE 547: Model Based Systems Engineering (First Cohort Fall 2017)
SAE 541: Systems Engineering Theory and Practice (First Cohort Spring 2018)
Course Descriptions can be found in the USC Course Catalogue.

Limited Status Enrollment Process

GM employees are able to enroll in their first class after receiving approval for Limited Status. Limited Status students must meet the necessary background requirements to receive approval. Please review the GMTEP-USC Limited Status profile form to get started.

Limited Status from Outside of the United States

The Viterbi School will allow GM TEP students located outside the United States to enroll as Limited Status students. In order to pursue Limited Status enrollment from outside of the U.S., you will need to go through the formal proctor approval process to have an on-site proctor established (note: the TEP on-site coordinator can be submitted to USC as the formal proctor).

To request a proctor request form, please email and indicate that you are a GM TEP student.

Additional Resource: Detailed information and FAQ for DEN@Viterbi Limited Students

Tuition is covered for students approved to participate in TEP. Please contact a TEP representative at for further details.
GM-TEP students who complete SAE 549, 547 and 541 with a 3.0 or better can receive a professional certificate of completion. Students can email when your final course is completed to request a hard copy certificate.

USC Viterbi Contact Information

Question Type Who to ContactContact Information  
Questions prior to Limited Status Approval (including how to get started, course information, etc.)Corporate & Professional
(213) 740-4488
Limited Status Course Registration, D-Clearance, Advisement, GradesDEN@Viterbi Student
(213) 740-4488
DEN@Viterbi Technical InformationDEN@Viterbi Technical Support
(213) 740-9356
DEN@Viterbi Exam SupportDEN@Viterbi Exam
(213) 821-3136

Contact Information

Please contact the GM-Technical Education Program office for information on how to obtain approval and funding to participate at

For questions relating to the GM-Technical Education Program, email: