Degree Programs for Non-Engineering Majors

Degree Programs for Non-Engineering Majors


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Are you interested in a Master’s program and have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline outside of engineering?

Applicants with a background such as physics, math, chemistry and other hard sciences are eligible to apply for many of our Master’s programs.

In addition, the Viterbi School offers collaborative programs in data science for students with a bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as the social sciences. To be considered a competitive candidate for these programs, demonstrated quantitative skills are required.

Master’s programs that consider applicants with backgrounds outside of engineering include:

Majors considered include: mathematics, statistics, economics, business and the hard sciences with at least one year of calculus

Majors considered include: Physics

Majors considered include: Biochemistry, Biology, and Physics

Majors considered include: Architecture and Building Science

Majors considered include: Architecture, Business, Construction Management, Environmental Studies and Landscape Architecture

MS in Applied Data Science
Majors considered include: Economics, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics

MS in Communication Data Science
Majors considered include: Communications, Journalism and the Social Sciences

MS in Environmental Data Science
Majors considered include: Ecology, Environmental Science, Marine Biology and Statistics

MS in Healthcare Data Science
Majors considered include: Healthcare, Public Policy and Statistics

MS in Public Policy Data Science
Majors considered include: Economics, Public Policy and Statistics

MS in Spatial Data Science
Majors considered include: Environmental Science, GIS, Spatial Science and Statistics

Majors considered include:  Physics

Majors considered include: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics

Majors considered include:  Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Math,  Physics and Statistics

Majors considered include: Business Administration, Economics, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Sociology, Welfare and Social Sciences with some quantitative aspects. Also, those with a prior Healthcare degree; medicine, nursing, dentistry and ancillary services such as anesthesiology, radiology, etc.  where knowledge of science, math and the workings of the healthcare system are required

Majors considered include:  Applied Social Science, Science, Technology and some design fields such as Architecture. Students from other undergraduate fields can also be accommodated so long as they have a sufficiently analytical background and perspective.

Published on August 31st, 2020

Last updated on September 28th, 2021