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Meida Chen

Part-Time Lecturer of Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • 2020, Doctoral Degree, Civil Engineering, University of Southern California
  • 2018, Master's Degree, Computer Science, University of Southern California
  • 2014, Master's Degree, Construction Management, University of Southern California


Dr. Meida Chen holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from USC, along with master's degrees in both Computer Science and Civil Engineering, and currently works as a Senior Research Associate at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. His research is centered around the generation of game/simulation-ready 3D environments through techniques like photogrammetry, Gaussian Splatting, 3D data segmentation, etc. His efforts are focused on applying these technologies to bridge the practical applications of 3D computer vision and virtual environment creation.

  • Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • ICT Room #443
  • Institute For Creative Technologies
  • 12015 Waterfront Drive Los Angeles, CA 90094-2536
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  • (310) 574-5700
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