Tuition & Fees

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Both on-campus (residential) and online (DEN@Viterbi) students pay the same tuition. Viterbi Graduate Tuition:

Academic Year
Per Unit Rate
3-unit Course
4-unit Course
Fall 2021 - Summer 2022*
Fall 2020 - Summer 2021*
* Tuition is the same for on-campus and online students
Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Below are PDFs for the estimated cost of attendance for our programs broken out by the number of units required to complete a program. For more information on specific Master's programs, visit the Master's Program pages. 

Additional Fees

Fee Description*
Fee Amount
Mandatory Fee (New Student Fee - First Semester Only)
First Semester: $55
Mandatory Fee (Student Health Center Fee)
Fall 2021: $427
Spring 2022: $427
Mandatory Fee (Student Programming Fee - On-Campus)
Fall 2021: $40
Spring 2022: $40
Mandatory Fee (Student Programming Fee - Online)
Fall 2021: $20
Spring 2022: $20
Mandatory Fee (Norman H. Topping Student Aid Fund)
Fall 2021: $8
Spring 2022: $8
Exam Proctoring
$40 - $100 per course
Health Insurance**
Fall 2020: $753
Spring/Summer 2021: $1,363
* Complete fees information is available on USC's Schedule of Classes pages
** 2021-2022 Health Insurance rates are not yet available. Go to the Student Health Insurance page for the most current cost information

Explanation of Fees

Student Health Center Fee
All USC students enrolled in 6 or more units are automatically provided access to the USC Health Center. All international students are automatically enrolled, even if they are taking less than 6 units.

Student Programming Fee
This covers various computing resources including access to email accounts, computing tools, and other technology systems.

Norman H. Topping Student Aid Fund
In 1970, USC students elected to assess themselves a mandatory fee each semester to support the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund, which provides scholarships for low-income students.

USC Health Insurance
All USC students must have U.S. based health insurance. Visit the Student Health Insurance page for information on health insurance through USC. To see if you qualify to waive USC's Student Health Insurance, go to the Health Insurance Waiver page.

DEN@Viterbi students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased, or the insurance is cancelled.


USC students may pay their tuition and fees online, via wire transfer or using a payment plan. Details can be found on the USC Student Financial Services Payment Options page. You can check your account balance through the On-line Academic Student Information System (OASIS). Log into OASIS through MyUSC.

USC also provides a Tuition Refund Insurance option that enables students to receive a 100% refund of term tuition and fees if they are are forced to withdraw for medical reasons.

Published on May 30th, 2017

Last updated on September 27th, 2021