Movie Magic at the Chinese Theater

The TCL Chinese Theatre is a historic theatre on Hollywood and Highland in LA. It’s where the big Hollywood movie premieres take place.  However, it’s also a regular movie theatre that runs the latest movies. I had always heard it was beautiful and finally got a chance to actually watch a movie in the Chinese Theatre.

My friends and I saw The Jungle Book in 4-D! Technically, since we did not watch the 3-D version, but were sitting on chairs that moved with the motion of the movie, it was only 3-D. These seats were perfectly synchronized with the fights between Bagheera, the panther, and Sher Khan, the tiger. They vibrated in time to the gait of the gigantic elephants so you could feel what Mowgli, the human boy, would have felt as the elephants walked by him. It was awesome and made the movie watching experience feel more real.

The décor inside the theatre was a bit of a let-down but I think that’s because we saw the movie in one of multiple theatres that are part of the Chinese Theatre, but not the main one that has the red curtains. Still, it was worth a visit just to be reminded about the bare necessities of life as we jumped over waterfalls!

Published on May 2nd, 2016

Last updated on August 29th, 2017