Over the weekend, one of my best friends from Graduate Student Government threw his birthday party at XLanes in Little Tokyo. Although I grew up and went to school in Los Angeles, I had never actually visited this venue before! XLanes is basically a whole variety of entertainment folded into one space. There are separate areas for bowling, arcade games, … Read More

What is Pilates?

Last week, my cousin brought me to my very first pilates class! Knowing nothing about pilates heading in, I was surprised by how fun and tough it was (I’m still sore two days later!). Although I was a little intimidated by the reformer machine and all the gadgets associated with it when I first walked into the classroom, I got … Read More

Family Dinner at Madeo

This last Wednesday kicked off over a month of birthday celebrations for my family in Los Angeles. Almost every year, the late August to mid October stretch brings along with it weekly dinners at some of our favorite spots in town. For the kick-off this round, we started at Madeo! Because their original spot on Beverly Boulevard is currently under … Read More

Founded just four years ago, the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is our city’s professional soccer team that competes in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer (MLS). While I had grown up in the area hearing about the LA Galaxy, all the talk these days is focused on the LAFC because of their incredible first season last year. In … Read More

It’s that time of the year when old students and interns leave to make way for the new batch of people entering USC. The first thing to decide on is a place to stay. Once you’re done with that, you will want to go about and make the place feel like home. One indispensable thing which every household needs is … Read More

Roast beef, despite its deliciousness, isn’t a traditional Indian dish. Being an Indian living in the US, I thought I would come up with my own twist to roast beef which blends the flavors of the subcontinent with those in the US. To what end? Read on to find out. Thou shalt not be disappointed. What you’ll need: Roast beef … Read More

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Sustainability at USC

For this upcoming year, USC Graduate Student Government (GSG) has announced a new theme focused on sustainability through its programming and advocacy initiatives. In order to be a more sustainable organization, GSG challenges all graduate and professional students to reflect on simple changes in their own lives that can alleviate the burden of climate change on future generations A simple … Read More

This summer, I was fortunate to take part of this incredible program through the Viterbi School of Engineering called SHINE. Standing for Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering, SHINE is a seven-week opportunity for high school students embarking on a pathway in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine). Throughout this time, they have a chance to participate in hands-on … Read More

Los Angeles is known as a driving city. A quick stroll through most of LA’s neighborhoods will vindicate this – you’ll see dozens of car zoom past but be hard-pressed to find people walking along the pavements. It is no surprise then, that a number of students buy cars when settling to study in LA. However, this is not always … Read More