As the social and political tensions in the country continue to rise, I’ve become ever more aware of unique challenges that affect the many different populations of Americans and students on campus. Although I wasn’t involved in cultural groups on campus as an undergraduate, I started this school year seeking a group that could help me explore my own … Read More

Good Morning and welcome to today’s edition of Another Day in Paradise. It rained last night in LA. Weird. Moving on. Last week I attended the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technology Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Firstly, I would like to thank my local SPE chapter and our sponsors for providing me partial funding to attend the conference. My … Read More

Another Day in Paradise #1 By Brett Tomlinson Good Morning and welcome to today’s edition of Another Day in Paradise. Now before my frozen Midwest readers mistake me for one of those people who move to California and make endless beach, palm tree, and sunshine posts on social media, let me clarify: the title of this blog is meant to … Read More

October 6th: That night was the most magical night of my life! I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend Coldplay’s concert in Pasadena. Exactly a year back, when Coldplay had their concert in Rosebowl stadium, a lot of my seniors had attended this concert. That’s when I had decided that if this concert were to happen again, I … Read More

Boston Take 2! Neatly dressed, all documents in place, I reached the office, super excited to begin my first day at work and of course the free goodies. 😛 It was such a vibrant atmosphere. Day one was very interesting since I got to explore the MIT Media Labs as we were going to collaborate with them for a project. … Read More

Viterbi Graduate Student Association organized their 3rd Annual Alumni and Student Mixer yesterday!!! The event was successful and students had a such a positive review about the panel discussions. I had an amazing time inviting our Viterbi Alumni to this event and coordinating with them. We’re so grateful to our alumni who showed up yesterday even though it was a … Read More

I still remember watching the 2006 Rose Bowl and National Championship Game between USC and Texas. My dad was out of town in New York, but my mom, brother, and I were huddled in our living room ready to see the Trojans become three-peat champions. The final Texas drive and successful scoring shocked us to our core. Considered one of … Read More

This was a moment that’s been in the making for over a year. In May of 2016, my brother and I purchased 2016-2017 Pantages Theater season tickets for our parents and ourselves for their 50th birthday. From that November to this past August, we saw seven incredible shows: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Darren Criss!), The King and I, Finding … Read More

Halfway through the summer, I flew to Switzerland to visit one of my best friends during her work rotation in Geneva. One of our other friends from undergrad also joined us on our weeklong trek throughout this beautiful country. We each packed in all of our gear and purchased transportation passes that could get us on all the trains, local … Read More

This was the best summer of my life! I visited a lot of places in LA while I was enrolled in what was probably one of the toughest courses I’ve gone through, while at USC. Like I always say, it’s very important to stay motivated in grad school and my way of rejuvenating is by going out and visiting new … Read More