Christmas in San Diego

July 28, 2017

Posted: January 8, 2017, 10:19pm

Since my mom and I went to Hong Kong a bit earlier in November, my family decided to remain stateside for the holidays this year. To celebrate my birthday (December 23rd!) and Christmas, we took a little 4-day trip to San Diego and stayed at a beautiful little hotel right next to the beach! It was pretty windy the first two days we were there, but we took full advantage of it and had fun exploring the area.

We spent a whole afternoon strolling around San Diego’s Old Town, which is classified as one of our California State Historic Parks. There were many shops that showcased gifts and products from both the past and the present, such as native jewelry, old-fashioned candies, local cigars, and handmade candles. It was fun to see how people would have lived in the 1800s and the incredibly well preserved antiques. For sunset, we borrowed cruisers from our front desk and rode up and down the boardwalk right alongside the shore. My dad was able to capture this beautiful moment in the amazing picture below. The rest of the time was spent on good food and each other’s company. The gifts we all got each other were very thoughtful, and I’m thankful to have spent this break with my family. Now I’m ready to get back to work for the spring semester!

Published on July 28th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017