Community Outreach: Fur Baby Rescue

July 27, 2017

Posted: October 6, 2015, 11:00am

On Saturday morning, the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME) hosted its first of many community outreach events for the semester, and I was lucky enough to join in!  We met on campus at around 9am, and walked over to the animal shelter as a group and met many other USC students on the way.

Fur Baby Rescue is a no-kill temporary home for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, and also is a popular volunteering spot for many clubs and organizations on campus.  They take most of their animals from high-kill shelters, the streets of downtown LA, and families that can no longer look after their pets.  To socialize these cats and dogs and give them the attention they deserve, Fur Baby allows students like us to come walk or play with these adorable pets.

Our group showed up at the same time as many others, so there weren’t even enough dogs for each person to walk one. We spent over an hour walking Max (pictured above) around and petting some of the cats in the feline room.  I would definitely recommend anyone interested in volunteering to come spend some time with these animals!  Fur Baby needs the support from USC students, and we should give back to our community.  Get your clubs to make this an event!  Just browse their website and sign the waivers here:!volunteer/cihc.

Published on July 27th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017