Meeting The Most Famous Artist

July 27, 2017

Posted: July 12, 2016, 10:11am

Last Friday, my brother took me to meet The Most Famous Artist (TMFA) in his studio in the Arts District of Downtown LA. Brian works in Marketing for MeUndies, so he is constantly on the lookout for major influencers on social media and potential collaborators. When he was over one night at my apartment, he stumbled upon many Instagram posts of people standing in front of a polka-dotted wall, so he naturally did some investigating and got in touch with the muralist, TMFA, within minutes. TMFA invited him to the studio and Brian brought me along to the meeting!

TMFA has slowly evolved to encompass a group of artists, but it was all started by a Stanford grad, Matty Mo. He showed us a lot of his work and future concepts, and it was fascinating to see him describe the public perception of good or popular art. His entire persona and business is reminiscent of the central story from Banksy’s mockumentary,Exit Through the Gift Shop, where a regular man transforms into a famous art phenomenon by utilizing social media platforms and “manipulating” the public into believing his celebrity. Regardless of what TMFA is trying to do, he has obviously succeeded in gaining attention and making a living off of his pieces. I’m looking forward to more of his wall murals around LA!

Published on July 27th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017