Reading 2016 (and beyond!)

July 26, 2017

Posted: December 28, 2016, 10:43am

If you’ve known me even for a short time, you’ll quickly find out my love of reading. I pursue reading like the weapon of knowledge that it is. I try to be as fierce as possible when pursuing knowledge: whether it be through learning from someone personally, or learning from someone through their writings. Books are ripe for the taking: someone sat down, often for many months or years, and labored over what information, values, insight, wisdom they might pass on to us.

I read a lot for my PhD, yes. But as narrow as my thesis topic is, I also have interests that stem into broad areas. That is why I use a systematic approach to determining and tracking what I read. I originally got the idea to pursue a propaedia of knowledge from an article by a Christian blogger named Joe Carter, here. Here’s my system:

I have 13 categories that I wish to expand my knowledge within. I’ve adapted these from my own personal interests and needs, so feel free to choose your own or copy mine! At any given time, I hope to be reading from (or at least have the option of reading from) all of those categories. So I have a few books lined up that I want to buy, somewhere down the pipeline. After I finish a book, I’ll add it to the collection:

After I add it to the collection of my reading history, I *try* to analyze the book and write a summary and stick it into Evernote. I’m really bad at doing this post-reading synthesis, but I want to get better. I do, however, highlight and annotate my hard copies of books so that I can refer to the knowledge and ideas easier. It also helps with quick re-reading of important, impactful books!

As you can see from 2016 (blue), I did a little bit better job at expanding the types of categories of reading. We tend to read what is self-affirming and comfortable. It would be awesome to purposefully pursue knowledge-gaps of mine and fill in the blanks in my brain. I hope 2017 brings more opportunities to do just that!

In summary, books are a bountiful source of wisdom, if only we’d take advantage of it. If you read 2 chapters per day, you’ll likely finish most books in 2 weeks. That’s 24 books per year. We can do this.


If you’re curious, the above graphic is kind of hard to read, so i’ll post the full list of the past year of reading here:

  1. Evolution of Cooperation
  2. Habits of Grace, David Mathis (Mar 15)
  3. When Breath Becomes Air (May 2)
  4. A song for Lya, George RR Martin (May 8)
  5. John MacArthur servant of these Word and Flock (May 21)
  6. The Rise of Nazi Germany – Charles River Editors (May 23)
  7. Bonhoeffer Abridged -Metaxas (Jun 23)
  8. The Anthem – Ayn Rand (June 29)
  9. The One Thing – Gary Keller (July 2)
  10. Art for God’s sake – Ryken (July 6)
  11. Life Together (Sept 17)
  12. Christ’s Glorious Achievements (Nov 23)
  13. Married For God – Chris Ash (Dec 14)
  14. Loving the Old Testament (Dec 25)

Published on July 26th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017