Running a 5k with MDB

July 28, 2017

Posted: October 14, 2016

Guys. I did it. I ran a 5k without dying!! On September 28th, The MDB Family participated in a virtual 5k and I decided to join in with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and others from the office and warehouse. We went to the Rosemead Park, which already had a mile-long track around it, and set up a little table with snacks and water/refreshments. We started a little before the start/finish mark to account for the 0.1 miles (5 kilometers = 3.1 miles) and then we were off!

A few of the runners were super experienced. One of them had completed several half-Ironman courses and another was on the cross-country team in college. I actually beat the half-Ironman guy and was super proud of myself even though he told me that I shouldn’t be since he was “out of shape”. Considering the fact that I was barely an athlete in college, I am extremely happy with my 35-minute time.  Now I know what time I need to beat for my next run!


Published on July 28th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017