Super Bloom Hike

July 27, 2017

Posted: April 18, 2017, 5:54pm

If you came to USC from any other part of the country, then chances are you’ve had friends and family make jokes about California running out of water! It’s a joke particularly popular with people who live in frigid climates as there is hardly much else to poke fun at. Fortunately, the drought has officially been declared to be over, and the dry hills and landscapes have given way to the super bloom. For the skeptical ones, here is some beautiful satellite evidence (

I went for a Saturday morning day trip (with my friend Chris Chu) hike to a trail near Lake Elsinore, about two hours southeast of USC. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of the amazing natural beauty surrounding the campus and city. But to any pesky visitors from the north or east coast are also highly encouraged to witness the stunning super bloom.

Published on July 27th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017