Viterbi Ball 2016

July 28, 2017

Posted: December 30, 2016, 1:37pm


Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on blogging right? Let’s throw it back two months. In late October, VGSA threw its second signature event of the semester – the Halloween-themed Viterbi Ball! This year, we took over the entire ballroom in the basement of the Tutor Campus Center for five hours for all engineering graduate students. In addition to a DJ who played hits from both the US and abroad, we had a photo booth with customized frames and a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar with assorted toppings! All the tables were decorated with the pumpkins we carved together earlier in the week, and we put up some scary masks and spiders that we had from the year before.

With the dance so close to Halloween, we had no choice but to all dress up! Our overall theme was ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ so we had prizes for the best dressed as well as the best group. On the senate alone, we had a Thor and a Captain America, a few wizards and witches from Harry Potter, a surgeon, and even a dinosaur. Being the Star Wars geek I am, I went as Rey from the newest episode. I was able to get some old sweatshirts and scarves from Goodwill and stitch my costume together the night before – it actually turned out pretty nice! The whole evening was a blast, and I’m looking forward to planning more social events for the spring. Be sure to look out for applications to be a senator and our first event, the Welcome Back Mixer!!


Published on July 28th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017