Women in Engineering Luncheon

July 27, 2017

Posted: February 28, 2016, 6:29pm


About a week ago, the Women In Engineering  (WIE) group at USC hosted a luncheon for undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. Dedicated to providing professional, academic, and social services to all women in the Viterbi School of Engineering, WIE addresses the unique challenges female engineers face in all aspects of life, whether it is in school, industry, or academia. During this lunch, I got to meet many other PhDs in departments such as Industrial and Systems Engineering and Materials Science. Although I get to interact with other students all the time through the Viterbi Graduate Student Association, this is one of the few instances outside of that organization that I get to do so!

Other attendees were incredible female engineering professors, like Dr. Veronica Eliasson and Dr. Andrea Armani. They shared many of their experiences in the field with us, and I learned a lot about the tenure track and its expectations. We were able to talk about almost everything while enjoying snacks from Porto’s Bakery & Café and acai desserts from Amazebowls. I wasn’t able to make it to a lot of their events in the past, but now I’m looking forward to meeting more female engineers through WIE!


Published on July 27th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017