Exploring Knott’s Scary Farm

November 15, 2017

Posted: November 15, 2017, 6:49pm

On the haunted log ride at Knott’s Scary Farm!

I’ve been so busy this year that I barely got to think about Halloween!! Typically, I think of and handcraft a costume about a week before, but it totally snuck up on me this fall and I completely missed it. Even though I didn’t get to really celebrate it this year, my friends surprised me with a trip to Knott’s Scary Farm! I’ve been going to theme parks that have a seasonal “haunt” full of mazes and roaming monsters since sophomore year of college, so this was a nice continuation of this tradition. We got some boba and spring rolls before we headed down to Buena Park to make sure we were energized enough to survive the night.

In the past few years, the attractions have been getting wilder and wilder! Recreating one of the best mazes of last year, Knott’s had a normal “haunted house” but incorporated these laser guns that you can shoot at the zombies. As with any laser tag game, every single player can rack up points by striking intended targets. The targets, in this case, were the actors/scarers themselves! Another maze was completely dark except for the flashlights they provided for us. The only way we can find our way forward was by scanning the room with our dim lights. Just panning over scary objects was enough to make me jump – it was truly terrifying and so exhilarating! We took a few breaks to get food and go on their normal rides, but most of our time was spent walking around their ‘scare zones’ and mazes. I’m definitely not one for horror and scary things, but it was fun holding onto my friends and screaming along with them. I want to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios next year!!

Published on November 15th, 2017

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