HEY HEY: Contemporary Tea House & Common Room

February 28, 2018

Posted: February 28, 2018, 12:12am

Chris and I crafting drinks for new customers at Hey Hey.

Three years ago, my cousin, Christopher Kwok, set aside his corporate consulting job and pursued his dream to create a contemporary space where locals could connect with one another over drinks. A kind of non-alcoholic bar, Hey Hey has recently launched its soft opening, offering tea and coffee-based creations and a few tasty snacks. Sorted into three distinct categories – fresh, bold, and rich, the drinks have hints of many different eastern flavors, such as taro, pomelo, red bean, grass jelly, honey pearls, coconut milk, and almond pudding. Chris perfectly pairs these Asian tastes with more recent western trends, like Nutella and sea salt crème, for a delicious treat. The premium loose-leaf teas and freshly ground coffee are sourced from real and traditional estates as well. There aren’t any powdered drinks here. And unlike typical boba shops popping up everywhere nowadays, Hey Hey dishes out drinks that are deep in taste and essence.

My cousin Chris at the bar of his local drink business, Hey Hey.

It hasn’t been an easy path for Chris. I was there when he quit his Big Four job and started working in cafes to learn more about the business. During a brief time before my study abroad semester started (Australia’s academic calendar is flipped compared to the US’s), I was his taste tester as he played around with different recipes. He had always thought of combining the flavors and products of Asian teahouses with the ambiance of coffee shops, so he decided to pursue his vision full time. He was rejected 73 times from boba stores and specialty cafes, but he eventually bounced around enough to pick up the skills needed to start his own shop. Now, it’s a reality! You can now visit Hey Hey at 1555 West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Check out the menu and some beautiful pictures of the place at heyheydrinks.com and come say HEY!!

Published on February 28th, 2018

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