What I did this spring break!

March 27, 2018
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A year back I wrote a post about how I was going to spend my spring break.  It didn’t really involve any travelling and I spent most of my break studying for my midterm. But this spring break, thanks to my amazing friends, we did something fun and adventurous! We rented an RV, drove to Zion National Park in Utah and camped there. We rented our RV from Cruise America and we picked it up in Vegas. It took us around 4 hours to drive to  our campsite in Zion National Park. We reserved a campsite at south campground. It was a good decision because it was really close to a visitor center and the shuttle station. We reached our campsite and started a camp fire so we could do some cooking. We bought a lot of frozen food, S’mores, crackers, granola bars etc.  We walked around the campsite to make ourselves familiar with the place. Then next day we hiked Angel’s Landing and the Narrows. Angel’s Landing, without doubt, changed me.

I’m scared of heights. And when I saw some videos on YouTube and read about the trail, I didn’t think I could complete the hike. Especially the trail where we literally hold on to chains and hike up the mountain, it terrified me. But I did it! The view that you get when you’re hiking to angel’s landing, is just mind-blowing. As I’m writing this and reliving those moments, I’m getting goosebumps all over my arms. The weather was perfect!! All that intense hiking really warmed my body up and the breeze calmed me. There were times when I couldn’t help but take a minute to really melt into the surroundings, the view! I would so go back there again!!! I love how this one website describes the view:

“There’s no view more dramatic than what you see hanging onto a chain bolted into a cliff.”

Then we hiked narrows. We basically walked through the virgin river. After a long hike to angel’s landing, hiking narrows was very different experience. The water was not freezing but the rains definitely caused an increased water levels which made the hike a little more difficult than it usually is.  The rocks in the water were super slippery but once you get a hang of a navigating the current, it doesn’t feel so bad.  We hiked the narrows for like 3 hours and then we headed back to our campsite. We were dead tired after reaching our RV.  And then we cooked s’mores to keep up the traditions of a classic American Road Trip.


We ended our spring break in Vegas. We visited Bellagio, Flamingo, Cosmopolitan, Venetian and Wynn!!! My favourite was the buffet at the Wicked Spoon. It was so delicious. We also watched the show at the fountains of Bellagio just before leaving to LA!

This is the best trip I’ve taken so far. It was filled with so many firsts. I’m so glad I had my midterms before the break unlike last year. And getting away from the city and escaping into the nature was a beautiful experience and a much need break.  I now feel rejuvenated and much more prepared for the end of the semester.


Published on March 27th, 2018

Last updated on April 1st, 2021