Discover LA: Mount Hollywood Trail

May 19, 2018

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In one of my previous blogs, I talked about some of the coolest hiking spots in Los Angeles. I did not mention Griffith Park hikes because they are already very popular.  Griffith Park is a very convenient spot for hiking because it is pretty easily accessible from the city and offers wonderful views. I recently went on a hike there to Mount Hollywood Trail with a group of friends. I believe it is worthy of mention for the beautiful 360o LA view it offers you from the top.

It is a fairly easy hike up gradually along the mountainside but you can make it steeper and more challenging with short-cuts. Once you get to the peak you enjoy a 360 view of the city including downtown LA, San Gabriel Mountains, the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory views.  The Hollywood sign is across the peak at Mount Lee  (Contrary to what the name suggests).

We took some shortcuts, quite a few stops for taking photos J  Usually, Los Angeles view is misty. Fortunately, we happened to be there on a crystal clear view day. Once we go to the peak, we enjoyed the amazing broad view. Then we waited for the sunset and it was absolutely worth it! While we were waiting, we came across a group of horse riders. Apparently, you can go up this trail on horseback too (I am guessing you would need to sign up for a group for that). On our way back we saw a deer (eating leaves) approximately 10-15 meters above us!

I highly recommend hiking at Griffith Park, it is easy to get to and there are lots of trails. You can hike with your friends or find hiking groups on Facebook, Meet-up or other social platforms. Mount Hollywood Trail is nearly a 5-mile hike in total. Depending on your choice of route you can get a good leg muscles conditioning too. Not to mention the spectacular view!

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Published on May 19th, 2018

Last updated on April 1st, 2021