The Big One: Your Survival Guide

For anyone who lives in California, KPCC’s latest podcast, The Big One, is a perfect reminder that disaster is inevitable. The good news is that we have time to prepare for it, to truly reduce how much we will have to endure when the big earthquake finally comes.

Over the course of 9 episodes, Jacob Margolis walks us through many topics related to earthquakes – the science, lessons from past disasters, choices survivors would have to make, impact on the economy, and more. Even though I grew up in Los Angeles and already knew a lot of tips, I still gained insights that would help me when the big one happens.

Some scary statistics about the upcoming earthquake?

  • 1,800 people will die
  • 1,600 fires will ignite and most of those will be large fires
  • 750 people will be trapped inside buildings with complete collapse
  • 270,000 people will be immediately displaced from their homes
  • 50,000 people will need ER care
  • 11 days out, people will start to drink more
  • Search and rescue efforts will last for 19 days

Yeah, listen to this podcast and at the very least, be mentally prepared for what will happen. But here are some bonus tips to remember until you do:

  1. Drop. Cover. Hold on.
  2. Don’t call.
  3. Make rhythmic noise if you’re trapped, don’t scream and lose your voice.
  4. Don’t let your gas tank fall below half, or you’ll be stuck!
  5. Keep shoes near your bed so you don’t step on glass if the quake happens at night.
  6. Lastly, keep water all around, enough for 3 days of drinking water (one gallon per person/animal) per day.

The more prepared we are, the less we will suffer! Let’s stay ready.

Published on May 2nd, 2019

Last updated on April 1st, 2021