Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering


Fall: December 15
Application to this program is only available for the fall semester


The Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering degree focuses on the fundamentals of developing, engineering, and operating secure information systems. Our curriculum fosters an understanding on how to develop a security policy and how policy drives technology decisions. Students will be well versed in the challenges and problems of secure operating systems, secure applications, secure networking, use of cryptography, and key management.

The specialized degree is intended for graduate students who desire to obtain jobs in which computer network operations knowledge and skills are required, or to continue an education path toward a doctorate degree with a focus on information security. It is also for individuals who are in degree programs or job fields that have some responsibility with information security and desire enhanced knowledge and skills.

Cybersecurity engineers are among the highest paid in the growing cyber industry. Earning a Master's degree in Cybersecurity can help you advance your career. This program is one of six listed in this Fortune/Education article.


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Course Intro:
CSCI 530 (required course)
Computer Security Systems

Published on July 6th, 2017

Last updated on April 25th, 2024