A Coffeelicious kinda love!

September 19, 2016

Can you guess what the world’s first web cam was meant for?


Traffic monitoring?

Adult websites?

Stifle me to death if you are not startled by the fact that follows.

The world’s first web cam was invented by scientists at the Cambridge University to keep a check on a COFFEE POT located in the corridor just outside the so called Trojan Room, just because they did not want to walk to it only to find the pot, with their favourite black drippy beverage, empty!

I wake up happy every day. Yeah there may be other reasons too, but the foremost is the thought of having my favourite beverage brewing in front of my eyes. That makes me tell you a little about this wonder drink. Coffee has been the most revered beverage worldwide since times immemorial. Its origin dates back to 14th Century A.D. and even centuries later, today, it is being profusely consumed and cherished by people. Majority of the population worldwide cannot think of starting their day without their favourite cup of coffee. Not only is it an energy booster, but the very flavour rejuvenates the withering cells and provides a kick start to the day. They say, you know it when you taste it. When you look at the mug full of coffee, it smiles back to you promising all the delight. The aroma hunts for your nostrils, bridges the gap between the mug and you, entering the nose traverses deep down inside of you only to satiate a certain turbulence. You take a sip, close your eyes and escape all the monotony. Vitality is savoured. Promises, I tell you, they are fulfilled.

Weird sorcery, isn’t it!

A good cup of coffee has the best ensemble of ingredients with a perfect proportion of each. For the type of coffee that a person enjoys the most, a coffee cup becomes a luxury. Depending on their origin, coffees can be of various types. Also, depending upon how the drink is prepared there can be a lot of coffees. With no milk, a short, strong and black coffee – welcome ‘Espresso’.  A double espresso shot, ‘Espresso Doppio’, is for those who like it strong. You like it stronger? ‘Ristretto’ – extra short coffee with an even stronger taste is your thing. Add a dash of milk, ‘Macchiato’ it is. ‘Americano’ is made by mixing shots of espresso with hot water; add milk if you like to. A rich, full flavoured coffee with a velvety texture is a ‘Flat White’. Each Flat white is hand finished for a distinctive pattern. A ‘cappuccino’ is a coffee combining espresso with steamed, frothy milk. If you have a sweet tooth, add chocolate on top. A whole lot of ‘coffee latte’ is, but, miraculous. Made with steamed milk, it is not as strong as a cappuccino, but just as good. And then there is ‘mocha’. Espresso with hot chocolate, topped with steamed, frothed milk. I kid you not, there is no grief painful enough to not be cured by a mocha. I am damn serious when I say this. There is no limit to experiments and hence no end to the types of coffees that can be. The fact that each offers a peculiar taste, adds to the magic. My favorite from the last couple of years is the one sold by Ristora – an Italian coffee I wake up to. Along with that, I absolutely enjoy the filter coffee prepared in the southern part of India.

Contrary to the most quoted catchphrase, actually a lot does happen over a coffee. ‘Wanna go for a coffee?’ leads you to a place called a coffee parlor which is a hot destination for teenagers and the working folk alike. Coffee parlors are cosmic entities that not just nurture the coffee savvy individuals, but also sought by others to just sit and relax. Traditional coffee houses have been transformed into coffee pubs, albeit the purpose that they serve remains the same. As we march towards newer avenues, newer tastes fascinate us and hence, this business is witnessing a peerless pace. With globalization’s intentions to stay steadfast, a plethora of internationally recognised cafes are deepening their roots in several parts of the world. In addition to that, it’s the ambience, the décor and the associated elegance that makes coffee parlors an ideal location for a first date. Sometimes one experiences tranquillity, at other times, a positive commotion. Either way, it’s an inexplicable experience to some. There are many interesting things too that happen at a coffee parlour. A sip of coffee here and an eye there, stories sometimes begin at the coffee parlors!

Sometimes, obsession supplants love. And obsession leads to addiction. Same goes for caffeine. Caffeine is a strong stimulant to the central nervous system and therefore, its regular use causes a mild physical dependence. But unlike other drugs, it does not threaten your physical, social or economic health, the way addictive drugs do. If you take more than 2 cups of coffee a day, a sudden withdrawal can cause fatigue, headache, anxiety, and all in all you find it difficult to concentrate. This takes away the very benefit that a coffee provides. It is therefore imperative to consume coffee within advised limits.

Nonetheless, there are innumerable health benefits of coffee. The chief ingredient caffeine is said to be the most common stimulant used worldwide. It improves both mood and efficiency. Coffee also enhances physical performance and helps burn fat. Drinking coffee drastically reduces the risk of type II diabetes and it has been observed that people who drink several cups of coffee a day are least likely to be diabetic. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Coffee is also good for liver and it lowers down the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Despite various studies claiming that Coffee is the villain, if taken in limited amounts, it can be considered as the healthiest beverage in the world.

So now we know what the fuss is about! The ever increasing number of coffee joints and the penchant for them can have weird consequences. ‘Have a frappelicious day’ is how a good day might soon be wished. Or does it already? ‘You offer me your coffee, I offer you my heart!’ – the new slogan. Well it certainly holds for me! ‘You are, what coffee is to my soul’, the new pickup line? Okay, I’ll stop. Sweet lord! Coffee does give an impetus to emotions. Ever wondered the reason behind the huge success of the famous sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’?

If it wasn’t for ‘Central Perk’, well, you know how it all would have been.

(Erik Matey/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc)

I wonder why people don’t miss Gunther as much as they miss the other ‘FRIENDS’. He is one of my favorite characters in the series. He ran the coffee place!


Published on September 19th, 2016

Last updated on September 29th, 2017