Mother’s Day in SF

For Mother’s Day, I just so happened to be in San Francisco the same time my aunt was visiting my cousin and her 9-month-old son. It had only been a couple of months since I last saw them, but it was nice having time to catch up nonetheless. We had many relaxing brunches and dinners, with multiple long walks to … Read More

Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018

Dear Reader, welcome to my blog! I recently volunteered with URB-E at Arroyo Seco, a design start-up that produces the fold-able electric bikes  aimed to speed up urban commuting while decreasing its carbon footprint. They were one of the sponsors of the second annual Arroyo Seco Weekend, a weekend music festival held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in June. … Read More

“The Dump Killed My Son”

Dear Reader, welcome to my blog; A striking article in the NY Times started as “The Dump Killed My Son”. Those were the heart-piercing words of the 19 year old victim, Abhishek Gautam’s  mother. Gautam was one of the victims of a waste tower collapse of the 17-story high “mountain” waste pile that had long past its height limit in … Read More

Discover LA: The Broad and Grand Ave.

Dear Reader, welcome to my blog! Last week I visited the Broad museum, located at Grand Avenue in downtown LA. The Broad museum features contemporary art with an active program of temporary exhibitions since 2015. The building has two floors of gallery space with a cool architecture.  General admission to the museum is free. While, you will need to get … Read More

Peer To Peer Energy Sharing

Dear Reader, welcome to my blog! I have been involved in solar energy internships and studies, so I am pretty interested in how renewable energy is transforming the energy sector. I will briefly talk about how the conventional centralized energy systems are changing into decentralized systems with creative technologies such block chain energy applications. Conventional power stations such as coal-fired, … Read More

Autonomous Vehicles and Global Atlas of AVs in Cities

Dear Reader, welcome to my blog! My team mate and I are working on a life cycle assessment project regarding shared autonomous vehicle transportation for our industrial ecology course. I find this technology quite fascinating and felt inspired to write about it. Efforts to improve the autonomous vehicle technology and make driverless cars a reality are increasing worldwide.  Major tech … Read More

Tech Fair LA 2018

Dear Reader, Welcome To My Blog! I went to Tech Fair LA, the largest tech job fair in Los Angeles, on March 8 (Happy International Women’s day!). The event brought together LA’s top tech companies together for the second time since 2017. Companies were participating to recruit both entry-level and experienced workers. The event was held at Magic Box at … Read More

The What, Why and How of recommendation systems

Author: Mathias Longo The What, Why and How of recommendation systems Machine Learning is the new dive of technology, it is trending topic in almost every IT website, and more and more professionals are willing to start working as Machine Learning Engineers or Data Scientist. Machine Learning, though, is a huge area with lots of sub-disciplines. The most coarse division … Read More

Another Day in Paradise – Episode 4: College Football 102

Good Morning and welcome back sports fans to part deux of this double header of by blog, Another Day in Paradise. When we left off, your host and company were debating whether or not to attend a USC football game this season. In prime position to complete this task was this past Saturday’s tilt against the nationally ranked Arizona Wildcats. … Read More

Another Day in Paradise – College Football 101

Good Morning and welcome to today’s double header edition of Another Day in Paradise. I’m your host Brett Tomlinson. When I saw the New York Times article this week entitled “The Disappearing American Grad Student,” I thought that maybe they too were wondering where Southern California’s favorite blogger had been. Alas, they were not, but I do appreciate all the … Read More