Hike to the Malibu Creek State Park

July 25, 2017

Posted: July 3, 2017, 9:57pm

Ist July 2017 was marked by a crazy cloudy Saturday morning that had a gang of 10 of us to leave our beds early in the morning and explore yet another State Park.

This time, we set our eyes on the Malibu Creek State Park for its gorgeous Malibou Lake Mountain Club and the Century Lake. There were friends, and friends of friends and then friends of friends of friends. And so on. The friend-ception made it even more interesting.

With a stash of Gatorades, we started a little ahead of the Santa Monica Mountains to traverse some fantastical pathways that were almost unreal. It was fairly straight and nothing strenuous at all. After close to half an hour walk, we entered this jungle that had a very gravel-y and stolid terrain. Encumbered by wild shrubs and some crazy-pretty-lonely-little yellow flowery survivors in them, we made our way through the jungle with clouds above our heads. It’s quite fresh in my head, hence the vividness. It’s interesting how nature shows us these friendly little reminders of staying blooming in a seemingly perishing path. As we moved on, we saw a large expanse of rolling tallgrass plains and oak savannahs. It wasn’t truly a hike, mostly we just strolled our way through it. And beyond these plains was the Malibou Lake.

It truly deserves the mirror, doesn’t it?
We chilled here for a while and had some fruit. This place became all the more special as I discovered a booth of the Little Free Library!

We left this lake to move towards the Century lake. Some of us got restive and craved for lunch. So we chilled at the Century Lake for quite some time and had some cookies. And some conversations. It was beautiful.

From here, we decided to go back as it was already afternoon. The jungles made the hike more hike-like, surprisingly, the terrains did not! After a good amount of calorie-burnout, we went to Ebaes for a sumptuous meal and some Sake. Another productive day in the LA summer!


Published on July 25th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017