Health Systems Management Engineering

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March 21 at 12pm PST

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What is Health Systems Management Engineering?

The Master of Science in Health Systems Management Engineering (HSME) prepares students for leadership positions in the healthcare industry.  Through this innovative cross-disciplinary program, students will develop the skills to be agents of change and provide training for a more efficient future of healthcare systems management.  The program leads to increasing technical or management responsibilities in health care organizations, particularly hospitals, and consulting.

  • Take courses from engineering, public policy, and medicine
  • Applicants from STEM fields are encouraged to apply
  • Scholarships are available
  • Available on-campus and online

Why now?

Hospitals and the healthcare system are in desperate need of redesign from a cost, quality, and productivity standpoint. Employers are seeking the skills offered in this degree.

Who is it for?

This degree is for individuals with a background in sciences, engineering, or applied social science.


Fabricio Bermeo

"The experience and education that I received through the Master of Health Systems Management Engineering at USC helped me become a more conscientious leader. From my experience, the approaches, tools, and techniques learned in the program makes it possible for one to be dropped into virtually any healthcare environment and be able to serve and provide value within a relatively short period of time."

Beril Behruz

"My MS HSME degree was a great curriculum, a great program overall. It helped me focus on the Health Care Industry applications, I can say it opened up my horizon as to what the issues are and how can an IE/SE point of view can make a difference. The fusion between IE classes that focus on Health Care related issues and Policy Planning classes that shines a light into so many different constraints/opportunities really helped me understand how the industry suffers in so many aspects whereas in a private business, say like manufacturing, the plant operations are not that heavily regulated, thus can improve more rapidly and efficiently."

Youngjae Kim

"At USC, I learned how to optimize complex processes, systems and organizations in health care to best serve others in need. This program solidified my interest in working at the intersection of healthcare and industrial engineering, and has provided continuous opportunities to collaborate with world class faculty. USC equipped me with skill sets to be recognized by top organizations, and flourish as a leader in healthcare administration."

Auroop Roy

"The HSME Degree from USC has been the single greatest catalyst to my career in healthcare. The dual focus of engineering and health administration has given me a unique perspective and complement of tools necessary to support the transformation of the healthcare delivery system towards one that is grounded in the triple aim."


Published on January 7th, 2022

Last updated on August 18th, 2023