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MS in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering - Dynamics and Control

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The MS in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (Dynamics and Control) educates and trains multidisciplinary professionals in the modeling, analysis, simulation, and control of complex time-evolutionary systems. It is a unique program of study that encompasses advanced analytical dynamics, nonlinear dynamical systems, linear and nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, and linear and nonlinear control. The program equips students to apply their knowledge to a variety of complex systems encountered in nature and society, especially those in civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering and applied mechanics.

This degree provides the graduate student with a broad, well-rounded, advanced education that can be applied to many specific technologically-advanced fields in which dynamics and control play a pivotal role. Upon completion of the program, students are brought to the cutting edge of current research as well as relevant areas of application.


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Published on July 5th, 2017

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