The Council of Presidents Banquet

July 24, 2017

Posted: January 27, 2016


One of the most amazing things about studying at USC is that you can never actually run out of opportunities to get involved and network with organizations and clubs across campus. The Program Board, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and the Graduate Student Government (GSG) make wonderful efforts each semester to bring together the leaders of organizations that run university wide and give them a platform to discover each other, converse and form collaborations. This past week, The Spring Council of Presidents Banquet was  organized by the USG External Affairs Committee at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center Ballroom to celebrate the involvement of each organization in making the USC student community as vibrant and enriching as it is. I, as a representative of the Association of Indian Students (AIS), had the privilege to be invited to this event, attended by over a 100 USC orgs.

The guests were welcomed by Lexi Orozco, Director of External Affairs for the USG, who thanked everyone for the overwhelming response to USG’s invitation. The audience was then addressed by Rini Sampath, President of USG, who emphasized on the need for leaders of clubs to open and nurture connections with Student Governments and among themselves.

On my table, along with some delicious food, were representatives from the Residential Student Government, the USC American Society for Civil Engineers and the Undergraduate Architecture Student Council. There was an ice-breaker to start with, where everyone talked about their organization, what part of the USC Community it served, and what their plans were for the future. What really formed connections between leaders was the fact that despite serving varied interests, each organization faces similar challenges and problems while conducting itself successfully across campus. When the time came to finally walk around the room and talk freely, I had some rather interesting conversations with the representatives from the Entrepreneurship Club for Israeli Students who were quite enthused by the fact that I had been actively working with the interns from David Project managed by the SC Students for Israel. I was also able to initiate talks with the Trojan Cricket Club and the USC Yoga and Meditation Club about collaborating in the future.

WIthin a space of a couple of hours that evening, I thoroughly realized the power of communication and really hope that events like this keep bringing the USC Student Community together.


Published on July 24th, 2017

Last updated on August 10th, 2017