Dessert Marathon – Yikes!

July 26, 2017

Posted: October 19, 2016

So there was this crazy dessert craving that has been going on for a while. I keep wondering why but then you just accept it and give yourself a treat 😉

The only thing I keep looking at nowadays is the sweet section of the menu when I go out. Oh hell! I even choose restaurants based on the dessert menu (Someone had to say it out loud!) Beginning with Starbucks, you would wonder how but even here I take the Java Frappuccino so I can enjoy the bits of chocolate and whipped cream. Another incentive for me to stay long at the Leavey Library so I can walk right down to there. Then when you walk right through campus, I can feel the Lemonade’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookie calling out to me (Atleast, it is gluten-free) and its cousin the red velvet cake at the CPK sending signals right from below.


Source: MomsLA

As I escape this, the Sprinklers ATM is being all pink and pretty, wanted me to go give it a pat. How Evil but ingenious right? As I escape the campus to do a little bit of shopping, I find myself eating the Salted Caramel Pudding and Belgium Chocolate Souffle at the CPK in South Figueroa.


Published on July 26th, 2017

Last updated on January 20th, 2021