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Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering


Spring 2023:
September 15, 2022

Fall 2023:
December 15, 2022


Structural Engineering is a Civil Engineering discipline which emphasizes analytical and experimental studies of the behavior of structures (e.g., buildings, bridges, and dams) under service loads (e.g., traffic) and environmental loads (e.g., wind and earthquake). Emphasis is placed on response predictions or computations for these structures and their constituent materials (e.g., steel, reinforced concrete, and composites). Study is made of the nature of these loadings, both static and dynamic, with implications being drawn for design.

International Students: This program is eligible for the OPT STEM extension.

Please Note: Requirements for graduation, course offerings, course availability, track offerings, and any other degree requirements are subject to change. Students should consult with an academic advisor prior to registering for any classes.

  • A minimum of 28 units is required to earn the MS in Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering) degree
  • Two-thirds of the units must be taken at the 500-level or above
  • Additional courses needed for graduation may also be selected from any other area related to structural engineering with the approval of an advisor
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation

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