Reenergizing in Austin

Last week, I visited one of my best friends in Austin to take a break before diving back into lab work, grading, and classes. Taking it easy over the weekend, we spent a lot of time catching up, reading, visiting local restaurants, touring whiskey distilleries, and playing with her dog. We even spent time at the University of Texas’ Blanton … Read More

Family Time in Aspen

For the first trip of 2020, my entire family flew out to Aspen, Colorado for our annual Family Reunion. Just a few days into the new year, we were able to all come together for a week of skiing, relaxing, and goal setting. With some fresh snow on the slopes, I was able to ski for three straight days. I … Read More

A Day Trip to Wi Spa: A 24 Hour Spa in Koreatown

As part of our staycation this past July 4th weekend, my family decided to spend some time at Wi Spa since we had heard so much about it from friends and celebrities. Ever since Conan did a segment on it with Stephen Yeun about four years ago, I have always wanted to try it for myself! Wi Spa is well-known … Read More

Mother’s Day in SF

For Mother’s Day, I just so happened to be in San Francisco the same time my aunt was visiting my cousin and her 9-month-old son. It had only been a couple of months since I last saw them, but it was nice having time to catch up nonetheless. We had many relaxing brunches and dinners, with multiple long walks to … Read More

Adventures in Costa Rica

One of my core groups of friends from undergrad has made it a mission to get together at least once a year. The five of us all live really far apart from one another. Right now, we’re in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Austin, and San Jose, Costa Rica. There isn’t a single overlap at all! Last year, … Read More

Glamping at Autocamp Yosemite

For the early quarter of this year, my aunt from Hong Kong took a sabbatical and spent time with us here in California! Staying at my parent’s house, she seized every opportunity to explore Los Angeles before taking little trips to Palm Springs, San Diego, Seattle, and more. Although I had gone camping a few times in the national parks … Read More

Hawaii Family Takeover

Last month, my extended family spent our weeklong annual retreat at a new spot this year – Hawaii! Staying on the North Shore of Oahu, we lived in a gorgeous home filled with unique antiques and cozy spaces for intimate conversation. Although many of us are from and live in Los Angeles, there were others that came from Hong Kong, … Read More

Christmas in the Desert!

Posted: January 10, 2018, 8:33pm For the second year in a row, my family was in California for Christmas! I was in lab doing some independent experiments on some new thermoplastics, but I got to go to Palm Springs with my parents and brother for a couple of nights for my birthday and the holidays. Since it was just the … Read More